These 6-week programs are a perfect opportunity for kids, adults and seniors who would like to learn a bit about martial arts and who would enjoy working in the privacy of a smaller group. 

No martial arts experience is required for any of these programs.
Just bring your motivation and a smile.

We frequently offer the following programs:


This program is pre-Judo for 4-5 year old children and will be one hour once a week. The parent is invited to be on the mat. 

Women-only judo

This program is ideal if you like working out and would like to learn about the martial art of judo. 90 minutes once a week for six weeks and you will get in better shape and learn some judo techniques. This program can lead to registration in the regular judo classes. 

Women-only over 50

If you’re not as fit as you’d like to be but are looking for a gentle workout then this program is for you. 

Fitness for homeschooled kids & teens

A place for your homeschooled child to practice and learn about movement and judo techniques. 

Program for kids and teenagers who need help focusing and relaxing

Program for sight- and hearing-impaired kids

A specialized program to give these children the experience of working with a partner and learning judo techniques.

Pre-surgery workout

For people preparing for knee or hip surgery. We also offer this program as a solo class.

Self-defense program

This program will introduce you to all aspects of self-defense including: becoming aware of the possibility of a physical attack, how to prevent one and how to deal with one.

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